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platform 65
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Platform 65 The Train Theme Restaurant – Vijayawada

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A restaurant serving food on toy trains, no waiters. Yes, you read it right, at Platform 65 you just make an order to our order collector and get your delicious food delivered to your table on a toy train. and that is not the end of it, the entire restaurant is designed as a train from seats same as the tejas express to the fans just like the ones in trains, each and everything at Platform 65 will make you feel like you are actually traveling in train. Our restaurant combines the thrill of travel with the joy of exploring diverse cuisines, making it an ideal destination for families, friends, and food enthusiasts. Platform 65 is one of the best restaurant in Vijayawada, which is located in, Andhra Pradesh.

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Platform 65 The Train Theme Restaurant – Vijayawada 0 reviews

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