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Beeda: World’s First Mega App

Beeda Mega App: Let’s Go Further Together

Beeda is the world’s first Mega App that seamlessly integrates a diverse range of 50+ AI-powered services for users. Currently having a presence in the USA and UAE with a lineup of innovative and user-friendly features and offerings, Beeda Mega App provides a comprehensive solution for modern living and convenience.

Beeda uses a subscription-based

model to offer intuitive services and solutions such as Beeda Mall, Beeda Rides, Beeda Food, Beeda Grocery, Beeda Flower, Beeda Liquor, Beeda Pay, Beeda Play, Beeda Travel, Beeda Gas, Beeda Courier, Beeda Farmer, Beeda Pharmacy, Beeda Water, Beeda Express, Beeda Coffee, Car Sale, Tasker, Car Rent, MegaChat, Digital Business Cards, Beauty, Spa, Real Estate, Errands, EcoRides, Jobs and much more.


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Beeda: World’s First Mega App 1 review

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1 review
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    Beeda Mega App is the world’s first AI-powered Mega App featuring 50+ services and solutions. Beeda is here to make your life smooth and hassle-free.

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