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Millennium Chiropractic

Discover Your Healthiest Life at Millennium Chiropractic.

Millennium Chiropractic stands as a beacon for those seeking relief in Lakewood, WA - offering an array of chiropractic treatments crafted for optimal well-being. Our practice shines particularly bright when it comes to addressing injuries sustained in auto accidents; car accident treatment and whiplash treatment are among the specialized services provided by our attentive team. At Millennium Chiropractic, we combine the expertise of our Lakewood chiropractor with cutting-edge techniques and heartfelt patient care. We pride ourselves on creating a therapeutic environment conducive to healing and recovery. Each session is much more than just an adjustment—it's a step towards regaining balance and harmony within your body. When faced with pain or injury after an accident, trust Millennium Chiropractic for skilled guidance on your journey back to wellness.

  • Services: Chiropractic Treatments, Car Accident Treatment, Whiplash Treatment, Auto Accident Treatment
  • Company Hours:
    Monday to Thursday: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
    Friday to Sunday: Closed

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7517 Custer Rd W, Lakewood, WA, 98499, US
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