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In West Palm Beach, Health Synergy Clinical Research stands at the forefront of innovative mental health solutions through our cutting-edge clinical psychology research in West Palm Beach and mental health clinical trials. As a leading neuropsychiatric research center, we are engaged in conducting FDA supervised clinical research studies that scrutinize various aspects of psychiatric health disorders. By participating in these trials, volunteers from around West Palm Beach can contribute valuable insights that shape the future of mental healthcare practices and treatments. Each trial at our facility undergoes rigorous ethical standards checks and adheres strictly to safety protocols ensuring dependable results while prioritizing participant care above all else. Our team’s dedication drives us forward as we explore novel ways to elevate mental wellness in our society through science-based methodologies and evidence-backed findings facilitated by solid data accrued right here at Health Synergy Clinical Research.

Services Offered: Health Synergy Clinical Research is a private clinical research organization that is located in West Palm Beach and Okeechobee, FL. We serve all counties within 100 miles from our organization. We conduct FDA supervised clinical research studies with hope to improve the future of medical care.

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2151 45th Street, Suite 210, West Palm Beach, Florida, 33407
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