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GST Registration Online | GST Registration India

Online GST Registration

GST Registration Online

Kanakkupillai for GST Registration in India As per the mandate of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), every firm or entity that has an annual turnover greater than Rs 40 lakhs is required to register for GST in India as a separate taxable provision. Businesses having a yearly revenue of more than Rs 40 lakhs are required by the GST jurisdiction to register for GST, which can be done online in India in 2–6 working days.


Overview of Online GST Registration in India

Businesses in India that generate more than Rs 40 lakhs in revenue annually must register for GST online. According to Indian law, the registration process for the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a distinct taxable provision. It entails utilizing the official portal to submit the required information and papers online. Usually, it takes two to six working days to finish the registration. Businesses are assigned a unique GST identification number upon registration. For businesses operating nationwide, this online technique simplifies the taxing process by ensuring adherence to GST requirements.

GST Registration Online in India or Goods and Service Tax - One Nation One Tax

Being the GST Registration Online in India, GST is on goods and services, including the Central taxes (CST, Service Tax, and Excise Duty) and State taxes (VAT, Entertainment Tax, Luxury Tax, Octroi). It will help the consumer bear only GST, the last dealer in the chain of trade and supply charges.

Types of GST Registration in India

Different types of GST registration exist, such as casual, regular, non-resident, and e-commerce operators. Every day, non-resident taxpayers and e-commerce owners must register for GST regardless of the revenue criteria.

Casual Taxable Person

According to the GST Act, a casual taxable person is a person who periodically offers goods or services in a State or Union territory where the entity does not have a regular place of business. Therefore, under the GST, anyone running temporary companies at fairs, exhibitions, or seasonal operations would be considered casual taxable individuals.

Non-Resident Taxable Persons

Any person, corporation, or organization that offers goods or services but does not maintain a permanent residence or place of business in India is referred to as a non-resident taxable person (NRI) under the GST. Therefore, any foreign person, business, or organization that supplies goods or services to India would be considered non-resident taxable and must comply with all Indian GST requirements.

E-Commerce Operators

An e-commerce operator owns, manages, or controls a digital or electronic facility or platform for electronic trade. Therefore, everyone who sells online can be regarded as an e-commerce Operator and must register for GST, regardless of company revenue.


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