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Archos Engineering Consultants: Excellence in Electrical Engineering

Electrical Engineering

Archos Engineering Consultants is the industry leader in providing comprehensive electrical engineering services to the construction industry, delivering cutting-edge solutions that exceed client expectations.

At Archos Engineering Consultants, we don’t just design electrical systems; we engineer solutions that power progress. With a legacy spanning over two decades, we’ve illuminated commercial spaces, empowered industries, and sparked innovation across Vancouver and beyond. Our commitment to precision, creativity, and client-centricity sets us apart.

Why Choose Archos?

1. Holistic Approach to Electrical Design

We understand that every switch, wire, and circuit matters. Our team dives deep into the intricacies of each project, considering not just functionality but also aesthetics, sustainability, and future scalability. From initial concept to final implementation, we weave a seamless electrical tapestry.

2. Collaboration Fuels Our Sparks

Collaboration isn’t just a buzzword for us; it’s our lifeblood. We engage with architects, builders, and facility managers to harmonize electrical design with architectural vision. Our open dialogue ensures that every light fixture, panel, and conduit aligns with the project’s overarching goals.

3. Innovation Ignites Our Circuits

Static designs don’t excite us. We thrive on innovation. Whether it’s integrating smart building technologies, optimizing energy efficiency, or pioneering sustainable practices, we’re at the forefront. Our engineers blend artistry with science, creating systems that adapt, evolve, and elevate.

Our Comprehensive Services

Commercial Electrical Design

  • Office Spaces: From cubicles to boardrooms, we illuminate productivity.
  • Retail Outlets: Lighting that entices, circuits that power sales.
  • Hospitality Venues: Ambience meets functionality seamlessly.

Industrial Power Solutions

  • Manufacturing Plants: Robust systems that keep assembly lines humming.
  • Warehouses: Efficient lighting, reliable distribution, and safety circuits.
  • Data Centers: Precision cooling, backup power, and surge protection.

Residential Brilliance

  • Custom Homes: Lighting scenes that evoke emotions.
  • High-Rise Apartments: Seamless connectivity, energy-conscious design.
  • Community Developments: Smart grids, shared resources, sustainable living.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How Can I Optimize Energy Consumption?

  • LED Lighting: Swap incandescents for LEDs; they’re efficient and long-lasting.
  • Smart Controls: Dimmers, occupancy sensors, and programmable timers save energy.

2. What’s the Role of Electrical Design in Green Buildings?

Electrical design influences lighting efficiency, renewable energy integration, and grid connectivity. We tailor solutions to minimize environmental impact.

3. Can You Handle Complex Industrial Projects?

Absolutely! Our portfolio includes factories, refineries, and data centers. We thrive on complexity.

4. What’s the Future of Electrical Engineering?

Smart grids, renewable integration, and decentralized power generation are shaping the future. We’re excited to lead the charge.

5. How Do I Get Started?

Reach out to us at (604) 561-3234 or email Let’s ignite brilliance together.


At Archos Engineering Consultants, we don’t just connect wires; we connect visions. Our circuits hum with purpose, and our switches spark progress. Let’s illuminate your world.

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#300 - 311 W Pender Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 1T3
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V6B 1T3


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